Volunteering is always welcomed at Turnbow Elementary! Please contact your child's teacher or the front office about specific volunteering opportunities.

6 Ways Parents can Volunteers at Their Kids’ Schools

Your kids will get better grades if you are involved at school! A 2008 study from the University of New Hampshire indicates that students perform much better academically if their parents are involved in the school. Check out these 6 ways busy parents can make a positive impact at their children’s schools.

Consider joining PTA

Consider membership in the PTA at your child’s school. Parent groups typically meet one evening a month to accommodate a busy work schedule. They are often involved in many of the all-school activities and stay abreast of the latest happenings within the school. PTA members get to know many of the school staff and play a role in the success of the school overall.

Become a Class Reader

Parents.com recommends using your lunch hour or another time of day to offer your reading abilities to your child’s class. Elementary classrooms are always looking for parent readers, and it usually takes 30 minutes or less to make your contribution. Ask your child’s teacher if she currently has a guest reader program in place or if she would like to start one.

Contribute Supplies

Teachers are as short on supplies as they are on time, and with large budget cuts in districts across the country, additional pencils, paper and erasers may be hard to come by. Education.com suggests asking your child’s teacher what he or she could use for the classroom. Next, go on a shopping trip with your child to get the supplies the class needs.

Put Skills to Work

If you have skills in a particular subject, there are many ways you can put them to work to benefit your child’s class. For example, you could sponsor a new club or use your skills to send out email blasts or write a newsletter. Some parents might enjoy cutting out and collating from home, which saves the teacher time without cutting into the parent’s daytime schedule.

Plan a Party

Classroom parties are still one of the highlights of the school year for students, and teachers love them all the more when parents shoulder the lion’s share of the planning. Volunteer to coordinate a team of parents to throw the Winter or Valentine’s Day party, offer to help with decorations or refreshments or take an afternoon to play host in the classroom. Because classes typically throw only a handful of parties each year, you can join in the festivities without losing too much work time.

Clean Up School Grounds

It can be tough for schools to find the time, money and resources to give school property the proper curb appeal. If you have a green thumb, offer to organize a group of parents to plant flowers or bushes around the grounds. Even a weekend afternoon of cleaning up trash can make a big difference to the children and staff.

School involvement is a key element in a successful academic career for your child. With these tips, you can find ways to get involved with your child’s school without overtaxing your own packed schedule.

When parents enter the classroom, they obtain a better perspective of the teacher and students' challenges. Parental involvement encourages better communication between the teacher and parent and between the parent and child. Some of the benefits of parental involvement to students include:

  • Better grades and test scores

  • Better attendance

  • More homework completed

  • Improved attitudes

  • Higher graduation rates

Benefits are not restricted to students, however. The school also benefits from parental involvement in the following ways:

  • More support for teachers from families

  • Improved teacher morale

  • Higher student achievement

Parents also benefit from getting more involved in school business. By becoming involved, parents develop more confidence in the school and teachers. Moms and dads also become more confident in their parenting abilities and their children's potential for success.